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The Sensory Home has collaborated with leading retail brands to deliver content that fits with the sensory design principles. This includes sensory-designed spaces, expert tips for UK home interest titles, interviews for press and media, as well as social media collaborations.

Sensory design is a decorating and styling strategy that ensures all interior spaces activate the human senses – sight, scent, sound, touch, and taste. Considering all senses when styling a room, you can create spaces that completely support your needs and enhance your well-being. Our home environment is intrinsically linked to our mental health; if we design with our senses, we are creating a space that is calm, future-proof and, above all, happy.


The Sensory Home is available as a shoot location.

Brand collaboration

The Sensory Home is happy to discuss brand collaborations and EDIT collections.

Industry Expert

Author of The Sensory Home, Pippa Jameson, is a sensory design expert and is available for expert quotes and feature contributions.

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