The Transformative Power of Sensory Design

The Sensory Home Liverpool is Pippa’s book brought to life.
We have embarked on a groundbreaking project by renovating our very first real-life sensory home right in the heart of Liverpool. Our mission is to vividly demonstrate the transformative power of sensory design and its profound impact on well-being, urban revitalisation, and community inclusivity.
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The Renovation

The Sensory Home® has partnered with a select few brands to demonstrate how you can enhance the sensory experience of a space with sensory design. As a result, we have the first-of-its-kind, a designated Sensory Room with advanced and seamless integrated technology provided by ZUMA. This intimate room can adapt to suit individual unique needs allowing the body to regulate. It has chaise beds and Zuma ceiling speakers offering advanced light and sound technology settings for meditation, relaxation, music, or simply listening to podcasts.

Sensory Friendly Spaces

Incorporating a sensory room is significant for individuals that need regulation and calm, be it at home or a sensory room in a holiday let. When families with children on the spectrum go on vacation, they often face the added challenge of unfamiliar environments that can trigger sensory sensitivities and disrupt routines. Sensory-friendly spaces with dedicated sensory rooms provide a haven for individuals, offering a familiar space to decompress, relax, and engage in sensory activities tailored to their specific needs. The artwork in The Sensory Room is: Elegance I & II by Lyndele Forzard. Available on SOTA Marketplace.

“In The Sensory Home, Pippa has breathed life into her own pioneering interior design philosophy – by creating a liveable home space built around the fundamental ideals of wellbeing, revitalisation, and community inclusivity. And at the heart of The Sensory Home project lies the Zuma speaker light system, working to elevate these ideas and helping to deliver Pippa’s vision.”

Read the full interview with ZUMA here.

The Sensory Room, Pippa Jameson, The Sensory Home Liverpool

Design Details

All rooms have been fitted with Hillarys Calm Living curtain collection, which uses simple styles, subtle colour palettes, plus natural and sustainable materials. The bedrooms have blackout linings and the downstairs thermal backing with a focus on sleep and cosiness. In addition, each bedroom has bespoke fitted wardrobes by My Fitted Bedroom which are handcrafted by specialist cabinet builders. Rem-Fit supplies the mattresses and experts in sleep recovery technology, and to complete the sensory experience, the bedrooms have air purifiers and sunrise alarm clocks. In addition, The Sensory Home has worked closely with Magnet to design a kitchen that is kind to the senses. There is a strong focus on natural materials, and to compliment the kitchen, RAK ceramics has provided the splashback and worktop, with Walls and Floors providing the floor tiles. The kitchen table is from Oak Furniture Land; the solid hardwood dining table provides ample seating for meaningful sensory connections at meal times.

The Finishing Touches

The stylish LVT flooring in the entrance of The Sensory Home is from Harvey Maria. Chosen for its rich blend of earthy tones – inspired by the neo-gothic encaustic floor tiles- its easy clean properties and practicality are perfect for busy family areas – think muddy paws & boots! Finally, the home is decorated with Dulux Heritage paints to maximise the overall feeling of calm. The soothing colours of nature make the perfect backdrop to the interior of The Sensory Home.

Partners for The Sensory Home Liverpool

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