Wooden Heuristic Balls


Heuristic toys, drawing from the Greek word “eurisko” meaning “I discover,” encourage open-ended play, making them beneficial for sensory needs as they stimulate exploration and engage multiple senses, aiding in sensory development and cognitive growth.

Heuristic toys promote open-ended, natural play, encouraging curiosity and discovery-based learning.

Derived from the Greek word “eurisko,” meaning “I discover,” these toys inspire children to explore and engage with their environment.

Manipulating smooth wooden toys aids in improving fine motor skills, descriptive language, and problem-solving abilities in young children.

TickiT, a provider of innovative resources, offers a range of high-quality, award-winning products designed to captivate children of all ages and abilities.

With a diameter of 60mm, these toys are suitable for children aged 10 months and above, fostering early development through hands-on exploration and play.


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