See My Feelings Mirror


Introducing sensory mirrors designed to help children recognise and understand emotions. Featuring vibrant colours and real-life emotional depictions, these mirrors enhance empathy and self-awareness. Made with shatterproof glass for safety, they come with a guide for interactive learning activities.

Emotion Recognition: Bright and playful mirrors facilitate the understanding of others’ emotions and increase self-awareness among children.

Child-Friendly Design: The mirror assists children in recognising and identifying various emotions, fostering empathy and social understanding.

Real Emotion Depiction: Equipped with six slide-in photos portraying real children expressing emotions such as happiness, surprise, fear, sadness, silliness, and anger.

Safety Assurance: Made from shatterproof glass, the mirror ensures safety during use, prioritising the well-being of children.

Included Activities: The package includes a Getting Started guide with four activities and easy-to-identify emojis, enhancing engagement and learning experiences.


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