Portable Wood Burning Stove


Immerse yourself in the sensory wonders of outdoor living with this Portable Woodburning Stove

Immerse yourself in the sensory wonders of outdoor living with this Portable Woodburning Stove, designed to embrace the great outdoors and enhance your well-being through nature’s healing touch. Crafted for camping trips, motorhome adventures, or social gatherings under the open sky, this savvy stove offers both functionality and nostalgia, reminiscent of simpler times spent around the campfire.

With its classic design and modern conveniences, the Portable Woodburning Stove is a versatile companion, effortlessly assembled and weighing just 10kgs for easy transport. Its timeless appearance adds a touch of charm to any fire-retardant tent, creating a cosy atmosphere where memories are made and spirits rejuvenated.

As part of their commitment to sensory living, Boutique Camping are offering 10% off all Stove Accessories when purchased with a stove, enriching your outdoor experience with essential tools for comfort and convenience.

Please note: While their stoves are crafted for safety and enjoyment, Boutique Camping emphasises responsible use to ensure your wellbeing and that of others. They recommend proper ventilation and flue installation when using the stove inside fabric tents, and never leave a lit stove unattended, especially around children or pets. Always place the stove on a heat and fireproof mat for added protection.


Design: Portable Wood-Burning Stove With Glass Door.
Material: Cold Rolled Stainless Steel (top & body: 1.2mm thick).
Dimensions with legs assembled: (LxWxH) 86x59x49.5cm.
Power: 3.5kW.
Suitable Flashing Kit: 45-80mm Straight | 45-100mm 45°.
Flue: 5 pieces / 6cm diameter / 2m tall.
Fuel Type: Wood/Fire Lighters.
Weight: 10kgs.
Colour: Black.
Special Features: Ergonomic side handle for easy transport, locking pin to lock the door, carry bag, ashtray, flue (chimney) & spark arrestor with holes for guy rope attachments (please note extra ropes will need to be purchased separately).


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