Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp


Magic Salt Lamp adds a beautiful glow to any room.

The Crystal Salt Lamp offers exceptional value by providing high-quality Himalayan salt at an affordable price, allowing everyone to enjoy its benefits. Crafted with 100% natural Himalayan salt crystals, it emits a warm glow that enhances any room while generating a balance of ions to counteract the ionised air from electronic devices and other sources. With a polished wooden base and measurements of 20-23 cm in height and 3-5 kg in weight, this handcrafted lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers numerous advantages such as purifying the air, reducing allergy symptoms, improving breathing, increasing energy, enhancing sleep quality, and reducing stress. It is versatile enough to be placed in bedrooms, offices, spas, yoga studios, and restaurants, making it an ideal gift choice. Additionally, the lamp includes an ON/OFF cable and an extra bulb for convenience.


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