Messy Play Tray


The Inspire My Play PlayTRAY is a versatile solution for creative and sensory play. With specialised trays, including a sealable lid and non-slip feet, it offers a safe and engaging environment for children of all ages and abilities. Founded by former teacher Laura, it reflects a commitment to fostering imaginative learning experiences.

The Inspire My Play PlayTRAY offers a versatile space for messy and sensory play, encouraging creativity and exploration.

Specifically designed for children, it features shallow and deep trays suitable for play dough, crafts, sand, and water activities.

The unique design includes a sealable lid for convenient storage and non-slip silicone feet to minimise mess and ensure stability during play.

Crafted from durable, safe materials such as BPA-free ABS plastic, the PlayTRAY provides a safe environment for children of all ages and abilities, including those with special needs.

Founded by former Early Years teacher Laura, the PlayTRAY reflects her commitment to fostering playful learning experiences and inspiring imaginative play for children.


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