Easy Hold Magnifier


The Reflective Exploration Magnifier is designed to spark sensory curiosity in children aged 12 months and above. With easy-to-hold features and magnification capabilities, it encourages exploration and observation, making it ideal for young learners.

Reflection: Encourages children to explore self-awareness and visualise concepts through reflection.

Exploration: Facilitates understanding of the world by encouraging exploration and observation.

Ideal for Small Hands: Features an easy-to-hold set with a large, 83mm diameter face and chunky handles suitable for small hands.

Magnification: Offers 2x magnification with a 3x magnification inset for detailed observation.

Measurement: Dimensions are 8.5cm x 12cm x 2cm, with the magnifier insert measuring 8cm in diameter.

Suitable Age: Designed for children over 12 months, fostering early exploration and discovery.

Includes: Includes 1 wooden magnifier and 1 additional insert to increase magnification to 3x.


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