Cast Iron Cooking Set


The perfect addition to a cooking stove, this impressive 9-piece cast iron set will see your camp cook-offs turn from basic to Boutique from breakfast right through to lunch and dinner. Don’t settle for lame and outdated dishes when on your camping adventure, instead cook creatively and fry, steam, bake, and boil without limits.

Packaged compactly and with love in an included transport-friendly wooden box, you’ll be amazed at the quality of this dutch oven set made from heavy-duty cast iron, a material that causes heat to disperse evenly across the entire pot and heats food from all sides.

key features
Heavy-Duty Dutch Cast Iron Cooking Set

X2 mixed sizes pot with handle, X1 pan with sauce sprout, X1 ribbed grill plate, X2 lids, X1 heat-resistant pot stand, X1 lid lifter, X1 wooden box.

Special Features:
Included branded wooden box with rope handles.

Cast Iron. Pre-seasoned with vegetable oil.




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