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Our mission is to craft environments that engage the senses, from the calming touch of textures to the soothing embrace of colours, creating spaces that inspire and enrich your daily life. Discover the transformative power of sensory design with The Sensory Home and unlock a world where every corner, every element, resonates with purpose and well-being

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Design Consultation

Pippa Jameson offers specialised sensory design consultations that empower individuals to transform their spaces into well-being-focused environments, a valuable resource for anyone seeking to enhance their living or working spaces with sensory design principles. Sensory interior design is particularly important for neurodiverse individuals, who can be extremely sensitive to their surroundings – textures, colours and sounds.

Sensory Home Liverpool

The Sensory Home Liverpool is Pippa’s book brought to life. We have embarked on a groundbreaking project by renovating our very first real-life sensory home right in the heart of Liverpool. Our mission is to vividly demonstrate the transformative power of sensory design and its profound impact on well-being, urban revitalisation, and community inclusivity. The house demonstrates how to put wellbeing

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An inspiring guide to mindful decorating by Pippa Jameson