Welcome to The Sensory Home

When we think about home decor and interior design, we tend to think about the trends rather than considering our senses. Yet, sight, sound, touch, taste and smell all need to be considered to have a happy home, which applies to everyone, not just neurodiverse individuals.

It’s time to re-write the rule books and take a more mindful approach to how we set up our homes. It’s crucial to our wellbeing and will create a home that is calm, future proof and above all, happy.

Featured in

The Sensory Home®
An inspiring guide to mindful decorating by Pippa Jameson

Stay at The Sensory Home®

Interior stylist and author Pippa Jameson is creating a Sensory Home® to reflect her book. The first of its kind, The Sensory Home has a designated Sensory Room with advanced and seamless integrated technology. This intimate room has chaise beds and Zuma® ceiling speakers offering advanced light and sound technology settings for meditation, relaxation, music, gentle movement or simply listening to podcasts.

Pippa wanted to create an experience for guests where they can cocoon themselves within a safe space that allows them to truly switch off from the outside world and the stresses of daily life. In addition, there is a second reception room and a large kitchen designed in conjunction with Magnet; incorporating nature-inspired colours.

All four bedrooms have sleep recovery mattresses, air purifiers and Sunrise alarm clocks – should you need them.

The house is painted with soothing colours from Dulux Heritage collection.